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Tethered Hydroplane Introduction

Tethered hydroplanes are one of the oldest forms of model boating. It was natural that when organised competitions were held model boaters wished to compare the speed of their models at these events.

The first races were held over a straight course but, as the speeds increased, it was decided to use a circular course. This means that the model is tethered to a central pylon by a cable of known length. The advantages of this are twofold; firstly it is much safer and secondly the speed of the model can very easily be calculated.

The models are divided into various classes, depending on the size of the engines. At present these range from 3.5 cc to 30 cc for waterscrew driven boats and 2.5 cc for airscrew driven models. All of the waterscrew models are capable of speeds over 100 mph; the fastest being the 10 cc class with speeds of 135+ mph. The airscrew boats are approaching 160 mph. There are also classes for steam driven boats and the fastest of these regularly reach 100 mph with top speeds of over 118 mph.

Competitions are held regularly from March to October at venues especially adapted for racing this type of model and an international event is held every year at St. Albans, where we have had competitors from America, Armenia, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Russia attending.

Stuart Robinson

For Regatta Dates see the Meeting & Regatta Calendar. Regatta Venues for 2013 are

Althorne Lake, Burnham Road, Althorne, Essex Kingsbury Water ark, Bodymoor Heath Lane, Sutton Coldfield
  Rowden Lake, Lindley, Nuneaton
Victoria Park, Cadogan Terrace, Hackney Verulamium Park, St Michaels Street, St Albans


For more information download the Model Hydroplane Club of Great Britain's leaflet here. (PDF format)

Tethered Hydroplane Records 2013

Naviga Categories

A1    M. HAMILTON 102.52 mph 20.08.1995
A2    R. JAMES 129.30 mph 01.08.2003
A2E M BROAD 111.96 mph 19.08.2012
A3    N. LARA    135.57 mph 14.07.1998
B1    J. FREE 154.91 mph 10.04.2000


B1R J Free 120.60 mph 16.04.2006
B J Rose 115.91 mph 29.05.1998
B/S S Poyser 96.67 mph 02.08.1998
A J Hyder 130.05 mph 08.10.2000
A/S P Windross 122.91 23.09.2012
A/BL R Hankins 126.92 mph 25.09.2011
Novice J Free 102.90 mph 12.09.2009
S/Novice J Free 111.30 mph 29.08.1998