Is this a great website?  


Well is it?


Yes it is


Pity it's wasted on just you and me?

I note no attempt to publicize it on other hobby websites or magazines.

Glynn Guest 


Yes but it would be even better if members started to use it

Possibly because the old members area offered nothing. No content. The forum registration process was broken and I suspect people took one look at it and thought "This is pretty useless" and headed over to Model Boat Mayhem.


Well after all of Andy's efforts to turn this site into something worthwhile for the MPBA membership.........?????

One has to ask if all the members have been told about the new and improved site?

Might I suggest it needs "pump priming" by those occupying positions within the MPBA, who surely have comments and ideas of interest to the membership?

Glynn Guest 

I am now wondering if the Facebook approach is better. A simple group on Facebook where everyone can chip in.


It has been mentioned in the yearbook so all members have had the opportunity to see it. Andy has also posted about it on the Mayhem and Model Boats website forums and I arranged for it to be mentioned in the May Edition of Model Boats magazine.

As Glynn says, some 'pump priming' might be useful. The website is well put together but needs active participation to be a success.

Another factor is that I suspect that the majority of model boaters don't actually use social media to any great extent. The readership of the magazines dwarfs the active membership of the online forums. I use the forums but am not interested in registering with Facebook etc.

It's probably an 'age thing' to some extent with the average age of model boaters now being in the late 60s according to market research for Model Boats magazine.


You hit the nail on the head. The average age of people buying model boats magazine is 60 plus. There's plenty of model boaters in multi that are on social media, Maybe the membership process needs to move on with the times instead of still being in the dark ages. 


Yes, the average reader is 60 plus but it is also true to say that most of the content of the magazines, with some honourable exceptions, tends to be scale orientated. I think that this does reflect the fact that the greater proportion of active model boaters are scale enthusiasts and that the other areas of the hobby such as multi etc. are under represented in print as well as probably a bit younger in average age.

However, this is not the fault of the magazines. Paul Freshney has repeatedly offered space to promote non scale model boating activities but neither the MPBA or MYA have taken him up on it. He can only print what he is sent and what people are prepared to write, the magazines operate on very tight budgets and there is no corps of reporters available to cover different types of events up and down the country. So to some extent this does mean there may be a distorted public impression of the hobby. The impression I rather get is that some sections of the hobby are content to do their own thing in their own groups without being much interested in promoting what they do to a wider audience but perhaps I am wrong?



We have found that facebook has the biggest viewing for the IMBRA information.

It pops up as soon as you check the facebook site that there is something there to view. For instance the podium photos from the international in Italy 2 weeks ago were seen by over a 1000 people in under a week. If we put it on a website people have to go and look for it.

On Facebook if they check it for anything the things you are interested in appear straight away.

I beleive it is far better than any forum now


Ian Folkson President IMBRA 48 years in MPBA


I am pretty much in agreement with Ian on this now. In fact the Google Analytics data for the website shows very few visitors. Some days there are less than 10 and the bounce rate is over 90% (people who load the homepage and then navigate away from the site). I feel I've done all I can to create an improved site but nobody sends me any info, so all that gets updated is the multi related stuff that I know about or am involved in.


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