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Can I ask why there are no official attachments to any modelling/boating groups? It seems that where members (of a group) have decided not to form a club or society, does it make them any less valid? The members themselves are signed up and insured with the MPBA, so just wondered what the distinction is that excludes them (as a group) from the listing. The example (and reason behind the question) is the Mablethorpe Model Boat Group. It comprises of around 23 individuals (around a dozen to twenty of whom convene semi-socially once a month to discuss projects, help the newcomers, etc), some of whom belong to other groups and clubs, but all have the same interest in building and sailing RC boats.

The group won a cup for their display at Lincoln on 6 May 2017.



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I think Bill Hornby may be able to give a definitive answer on this. Guessing, I would say that an affiliated club undertakes to run events under MPBA rules and declare themselves affiliated to the association. A collection of Countrywide members are individuals who have chosen not to join an affiliated club for whatever reason (No local club perhaps). MPBA membership, aside from the insurance, grants eligibility for Open events run by affiliated clubs and entey to International team eliminators. The affiliated clubs page is just that. Clubs who have declared affiliation. The Countrywide Club is also an affiliated club, but we don't list individual members.


Thank you for that, Andy . That's the issue, really. Groups, although they may have one chap 'at the helm', may have decided (by unanimous vote of its members) for any number of reasons not to form a club (maybe it's the extra paperwork along with the required AGMs etc), and are therefore not a 'recognised body' as far as affiliation is concerned.


A big hello to " Mablethorpe Model Boat Group " it is good to see another group startup and call them self a group!

We are > Moseley Model Group < in Lincoln / Lincolnshire we are located AddressRiseholme Ln, Lincoln LN2 2LF Phone07752 549269 


In reply you have to think of your self in this way a group is a company or business running for the greater good, but a club is a limited holding run by members for members taking in money etc.


P.s. which show was you at as we just received an award for 30 boats on display ? in Lincoln town.

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Updated phone number sorry, posted the old one 


Here is the new one 07593 167336


Thank you for your message.

I have passed the message on to Vic Marcham, who is the 'head' of the MPBA Group.



In order to correct some mis-information that has been spread about, we would point out the following: To ensure there is no ambiguity in the future we would recommend that if members exhibit at a show as a group of individuals, and not part of an affiliated club, they display a sign stating they are members of the MPBA Countrywide Club.

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