Image 2017 Membership Fees reduced!
We have reduced the annual membership fees. See the new rates Here.

Image Peterboro Endurance Entry
The entry is now open for the 3rd MPBA National Drivers Championship event. Details.

Image Live Interactive Drivers Championship Tables
Interactive tables for all classes in the MPBA Multi Racing National Drivers Championship Here.

Image Multiple Event Submission
You can now add multiple events in a single form. Go to the event submission form Here.

Image Stuttgart iMBRA International
Entry now open for the 2017 International in Stuttgart. Details.

Image Naviga S Class World Championship
Worldchampionship class S 2017 1st to 14th May 2017 Orfü, Hungary - Here's the official invitation to the championship. Open File.

Image Updated iMBRA Rules
The latest rules are now available on the iMBRA website. All changes are highlighted in yellow. Read More.

Image 2018 iMBRA World Championships
The French guys have produced this great poster for the iMBRA 2018 World Championships in Egletons. Enlarge.

Image Oudenaarde iMBRA International
Entry now open for the 2017 International in Oudenaarde. Details.

Image 2017 Electra Events!
We've added the 2017 Electra events to the Events Calendar.

Image Propwash - A correction!
The correct url for the MPBA Facebook page is

presaward Jan and Vince Taylor
MPBA President Tony Willett presenting Jan and Vince Taylor with the Presidents Award.
Read More.

Image More 2017 Events Added
We've now added the Circuit and Northern Ampdraggers meetings for next season.

memcards New Membership Cards
New design membership cards produced for 2017 Enlarge.

merch2 MPBA Memorabilia Sale
Get your MPBA branded T-Shirts, Ties and Pens Here.

Pazardhik A/B Class 2017 World Championships
Naviga have just released details for the 2017 A/B Class World Championships in Pazardhik, Bulgaria. The championships are preceded by a 2 day International on 22-23rd. Full details Here (Requires Acrobat Reader).

Nagykanizsa M Class 2017 World Championships
Naviga have released details for the 2017 M Class World Championships in Nagykanizsa, Hungary. Full details Here (Requires Acrobat Reader).

Image Relaunch of Facebook Page
Check out our revamped Facebook page Here.

Image New Circuit NEC Rep
Mick Buonaiuto replaces Keith Burgess as the Circuit section NEC rep. Contact Mick Here

Image New Treasurer
Glynis Fields takes over as the new MPBA Treasurer. You can contact Glynis Here.

Image New General Secretary
Linda Buonaiuto assumes the role of General Secretary, succeeding Peter Revill. Contact Linda Here.

Image 2017 Events Calendar
We've made some changes to the calendar. It's now colour coded by section. We've also added the Multi and Tethered Hydro meeting for next season.