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NAVIGA is a world wide Organisation for all forms of model boating.

NAVIGA was set up to support and generally promote model boating and to build up and maintain friendly connections with people and organisations practicing the sport on a world wide basis. It deals with the Commercial and Political interaction where necessary to protect the interests of the model boating world. The MPBA being the UK Governing body work closely with NAVIGA.

NAVIGA is divided into Sections – Currently there are Six Sections as follows:

  • Section C – Scale Models,not navigating
  • Section FSR – Model Racing Boats
  • Section M – Motor Models
  • Section S – Radio Controlled Yachts
  • Section NS – Scale Navigating Boats
  • Section A/B – Racing Boats split into 8 Classes both I.C. and Electric

NAVIGA organise World Championships in every Section every two years.

For further information about NAVIGA please visit the official Website



iMBRA is a world wide Organisation for FSR Racing.

iMBRA has been growing from strength to strength, which can be seen in large number of countries that decided to join in 2015 and the many messages of support we have received. In becoming members of iMBRA in 2015 they also confirmed their commitment to the most dynamic and responsive international model federation in the world.

Please note that if there is more than one federation/organisation that represents our hobby in your country membership is normally offered on a first come first served basis. However if we have received membership forms requests, and the completed membership form that is subsequently sent out, the committee will make a decision about who we feel is the best party to represent iMBRA.

For further information about iMBRA please visit the official Website