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The Model Power Boat Association, MPBA was founded in 1924 by clubs in the London Area. Since that time it has grown into a national body, which represents all types of model boating; including static scale and a small number of yachtsmen. The other interests included are scale models, radio control racing, known as multi-racing, fast electric models, straight running, tethered hydroplanes and radio control hydroplanes. These interests are grouped into Sections, which control the organisation of the discipline; ie make rules and organise the programme of regattas etc. The Sections are each represented on the MPBA NEC Committee together with the officers of the organisation.

The main aims of the MPBA are to promote all types of model boating and to encourage members to compete in the various competitions held throughout the country. It also enables members to contact other like minded people.

Members pay an annual fee to the MPBA to cover running the organisation and, more importantly, to obtain insurance.

There is a full programme of events for all classes held throughout the country. These events are listed in the MPBA Yearbook, which is supplied to every member. The MPBA also represents members’ interests on the various bodies concerned with modelling in the UK such as the Sport and Recreation Alliance.

The MPBA is a member of NAVIGA and iMBRA (FSR), the bodies controlling model boating throughout the world. Each holds World Championships for all Sections at regular intervals. The MPBA has traditionally attended these competitions and has World Champions in most events.

Enjoy your boating,
Tony Willett
President MPBA

THE MPBA – Why you should join

The Model Power Boat Association, MPBA was formed to promote all forms of model boating in the UK. The principle objective of the MPBA is encourage participation in all aspects of model boating with particular emphasis on powered models. To this end, the MPBA provides a competition structure leading to National Championships in all supported disciplines as follows:

  • Scale Models – both Electric and Steam Driven
  • Multi Models – i.c. powered racing craft
  • Hydro Models – Tethered i.c. and Steam Models
  • Fast Electric Models – r/c controlled Electric Racing Craft
  • Circuit Racing Models – r/c controlled i.c. Models
  • Straight Running Models – any powered craft for Straight Running Competition
  • Non Competitive Boating – any event without a judging element

The MPBA supports domestic Clubs arranging competitions for the interests listed above together with assisting individuals wishing to compete in World Championship events.

Most importantly, the MPBA provides third party insurance (please see details Heading of Insurance above) for paid up members. The MPBA endeavours to ensure that safety for competitors, officials, and the general public is paramount at all times.

The MPBA is keen to support public display events particularly those that demonstrate the various facets of Model Boating to the general public.

A Yearbook and a half yearly newsletter (Propwash) help to keep members informed of forthcoming events.

The MPBA is a member of the United Kingdom Radio Control Council (UKRCC) and endeavours to ensure that model-makers interests are always properly considered.


There are two routes to membership, the normal being via an affiliated club the alternative being directly to the MPBA via the Countrywide Club.

Affiliated Clubs: Please download Membership Form HERE This form can be used to list both renewals and new members.

Countrywide Membership (Joining MPBA directly as an individual): Please download the Membership Leaflet HERE

The following Membership Categories with related Tariffs are current for year 2017. Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st of each year.

  • Affiliated Club Membership £20.00 (Open to all members of the Affiliated Club)
  • Countrywide Membership £20.00 (For the independent Modeller or Non-Affiliiated Club Member)
  • Junior Membership £10.00 (Under the age of 18 years at any time during the Membership Year)
  • Senior Citizen Membership £15.00 (60 and over) (60th birthday before the beginning of the Membership year)
  • Disabled Citizen Membership £15.00
  • Non Boating Member £10.00
  • Family Membership 25% discount for all applicants living at the same address, only one Yearbook will be issued.

Any membership queries can be addressed to Mr. Bill Hornby the Membership Secretary at