Regatta Entry


You must carry your MPBA Membership Card with you to all events as proof of affiliation for insurance purposes. You may be refused entry to an event for failing to produce this card.

A current valid boiler/pressure vessel certificate may be required for Steam Craft as detailed in the MPBA Steam Rules and Recommendations, copies are available from the General Secretary, via email or please supply a large s.a.e. if you need paper copies.

Please refer to the list of Radio Control Frequencies (under Technical Papers above or through the UKRCC) for those approved for model boat use in the UK. The use of frequencies other than those listed in the table is illegal and will result in entry to a Regatta being refused. On NO ACCOUNT should the use of 35MHz radio equipment be attempted or sanctioned. This frequency is reserved soley for the use of aeromodellers.

Non MPBA members are always welcome to our events as spectators. However, if they wish to enter any Regatta they should check with the host club, BEFORE they commence their journey to ensure that this is possible. Proof of Insurance cover may be required.

All models entered in any event are entered entirely at the owners own risk, the MPBA Insurance does not cover on water boat to boat incidents as they are considered a hazard of the hobby, unless otherwise specifically stated by the event organiser.