Circuit Multi 20220611 Entries

Reminder – Multi is on Saturday 11th June, Circuit is on Sunday 12th June

Entry List Joint Circuit Nationals Multi Masters Elmbridge 11th-12th June 2022
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First Name Last Name Class(es) Date Entered
IainPickersgill,35cc Offshore09/06/2022
Markrice,15cc Offshore09/06/2022
TomSheppard,35cc Offshore09/06/2022
BenSheppard,35cc Offshore09/06/2022
ZackHumphries3.5cc Multi, 15cc Multi,08/06/2022
DavidHumphries7.5cc Multi,08/06/2022
DeanLord,3.5cc Offshore07/06/2022
DeanLord3.5cc Multi,07/06/2022
DaveMarles,3.5cc Hydro, 7.5cc Hydro, 15cc Hydro, 35cc Offshore07/06/2022
DaveMarles3.5cc Multi, 7.5cc Multi, 15cc Multi, 27cc Multi,07/06/2022
NeilWard,35cc Offshore07/06/2022
KeithBurgess,3.5cc Offshore Junior, 7.5cc Hydro05/06/2022
MichaelBuonaiuto,7.5cc Offshore, 15cc Offshore03/06/2022
MickSzebeko7.5cc Multi,29/05/2022
MICHAELGELSON15cc Multi,28/05/2022
MichaelBroad3.5cc Multi,27/05/2022
TerryHolmes15cc Multi, 27cc Multi,25/05/2022
IainPickersgill3.5cc Multi, 27cc Multi,25/05/2022
GeoffParmenter3.5cc Multi, 7.5cc Multi,24/05/2022
MikeHolliday15cc Multi,23/05/2022
Adrian Marshall ,7.5cc Offshore, Sport 6021/05/2022
SteveBaxter27cc Multi,21/05/2022
Tony Ball3.5cc Multi,21/05/2022
James Taylor 15cc Multi, 27cc Multi,35cc Offshore21/05/2022
DavidClay3.5cc Multi,21/05/2022
GrahameMorgan3.5cc Multi,35cc Offshore19/05/2022
SteveWhenham27cc Multi,35cc Offshore19/05/2022
LEWIS JOWEN,3.5cc Offshore Junior16/05/2022
DELBOY,7.5cc Hydro, 15cc Hydro16/05/2022
DavePillman,7.5cc Hydro15/05/2022
AndrewAykroyd 7.5cc Multi, 27cc Multi, 3.5cc Junior Multi,3.5cc Offshore Junior, 35cc Offshore15/05/2022
mickpain27cc Multi,13/05/2022
DaveHole3.5cc Multi,12/05/2022
StephenClements7.5cc Multi, 3.5cc Junior Multi,3.5cc Offshore Junior, 7.5cc Hydro, Sport 60 Junior12/05/2022
Paulday,35cc Offshore12/05/2022
Richard Harris ,7.5cc Hydro, 15cc Hydro12/05/2022
colincroxford3.5cc Multi,11/05/2022
Vladimir Getov 15cc Multi,11/05/2022
LesWall,7.5cc Offshore, 15cc Offshore, Sport 6010/05/2022
DavePillman7.5cc Multi, 27cc Multi,10/05/2022

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