Circuit NDC R3 20190622 Multi NDC R5 Entries

Entry List Elmbridge Masters Joint Circuit & Multi 22nd-23rd June 2019 | Heat List | Back to Race Hub
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First Name Last Name Class(es) Date Entered
NeilWard, 35cc Offshore19/06/2019
WernerBester, 35cc Offshore19/06/2019
ChrisAlder3.5cc Multi, 18/06/2019
TonyJarvis, 7.5cc Hydro, 15cc Hydro18/06/2019
Mick Fields 7.5cc Multi, 3.5cc Offshore, 7.5cc Offshore18/06/2019
MichaelBuonaiuto15cc Multi, 7.5cc Offshore, 15cc Offshore18/06/2019
DaveWilliams15cc Multi, 18/06/2019
Paul Adams15cc Multi, 27cc Multi, 16/06/2019
MikeHolliday15cc Multi, 16/06/2019
TonyBall3.5cc Multi, 13/06/2019
IanFolkson, 3.5cc Offshore Junior12/06/2019
IanFolkson27cc Multi, 3.5cc Offshore Junior12/06/2019
SteveWhenham27cc Multi, 35cc Offshore12/06/2019
LesWall, Sport 6009/06/2019
AdrianMarshall, 7.5cc Offshore, Sport 6004/06/2019
VinceTaylor, 7.5cc Offshore, Sport 6004/06/2019
ChasTedder, 7.5cc Hydro, 7.5cc Offshore, Sport 6002/06/2019
GrahameMorgan3.5cc Multi, 35cc Offshore02/06/2019
markrice, 15cc Offshore29/05/2019
MICHAELGELSON15cc Multi, 28/05/2019
MarkWraight , 35cc Offshore27/05/2019
julianWaumsley3.5cc Multi, 7.5cc Multi, 7.5cc Offshore27/05/2019
DavidClay3.5cc Multi, 3.5cc Offshore, 7.5cc Offshore26/05/2019
RobertDaniel3.5cc Multi, 7.5cc Multi, 15cc Multi, 7.5cc Offshore, 15cc Offshore26/05/2019
SteveClements7.5cc Multi, 3.5cc Junior Multi, 3.5cc Offshore Junior, 7.5cc Hydro, Sport 60 Junior25/05/2019
DeanLord3.5cc Multi, 25/05/2019
DaveMarles3.5cc Multi, 7.5cc Multi, 15cc Multi, 27cc Multi, 3.5cc Hydro, 7.5cc Hydro, 7.5cc Offshore, 15cc Hydro, 35cc Offshore25/05/2019
Stevebaxter27cc Multi, 24/05/2019
MichaelLawson27cc Multi, 23/05/2019
Davepillman7.5cc Multi, 3.5cc Hydro, 35cc Offshore22/05/2019
lewisowen, 7.5cc Offshore21/05/2019
derekowen, 7.5cc Hydro, 15cc Hydro21/05/2019
ArmenBoldy3.5cc Multi, 7.5cc Multi, 7.5cc Hydro, 15cc Hydro20/05/2019
KeithBurgess3.5cc Multi, 3.5cc Hydro, 7.5cc Hydro20/05/2019
AndrewAykroyd 3.5cc Multi, 7.5cc Multi, 19/05/2019
DaveHole3.5cc Multi, 19/05/2019
Garywraight7.5cc Multi, 7.5cc Hydro16/05/2019
MickPain27cc Multi, 14/05/2019
JamesTaylor15cc Multi, 27cc Multi, 35cc Offshore14/05/2019
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