Technical Papers


A collection of useful and up-to-date model boating related documents, applicable to Club Secretaries, Event Organisers and Individuals. Association and Section rules, guidelines and current information for the model boater.

All downloads from this page are in PDF Format. You will need a suitable program to read them. You can download one such program ‘Adobe Reader’ here:

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Association Rules
MPBA Constitution and Rule Book PDF Icon
MPBA Information Leaflets
Affiliated Club Membership Form PDF Icon
Countrywide Membership Form PDF Icon
Child Protection Law PDF Icon
Child Protection Act Notes PDF Icon
Child Protection at Club Level PDF Icon
Information about Radio Control Frequencies etc PDF Icon
Health and Safety Policy PDF Icon
LiPo battery use guidelines PDF Icon
Section Rules
Scale Rules 1 PDF Icon
Scale Rules 2 PDF Icon
Scale Rules 3 PDF Icon
Scale Rules 4 PDF Icon
Scale Rules 5 PDF Icon
Scale Rules 6 PDF Icon
The Steam Rules are currently being revised. Please address any queries to our Steam Representative who can be contacted by email
Circuit Section Rules (Updated November 2017) PDF Icon
Multi Section Rules (Updated November 2019) PDF Icon
Fast Electric Rules (Updated November 2016) PDF Icon
Fast Electric Classes (2018) PDF Icon
Fast Electric Naviga Rules 2019 PDF Icon
Straight Running Rules PDF Icon
Tethered Hydro Rules PDF Icon

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