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The season opener was held somewhat later than normal this year – The original date was accidentally scheduled for Mothers Day so we postponed the planned race at Colwick and used this date for the Peterborough race. The organisers, spectators and The 25 racers who entered 35 boats between them were treated to a chilly but dry day with some sun in the afternoon and little wind, making for good racing conditions.

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Originally there were 11 boats entered in the 3.5cc class but an early withdrawal, 1st race gremlins causing a DNS and 2 competitors only managing single figures meant there were effectively 7 starters. 4 of these managed over 50 laps with the top 2 being separated by just one lap. I do worry that when the nitro goes to 16% that the people who regularly fail to complete a full race in 3.5cc will struggle even more.
Best Lap – 17.125 – Phill Fields

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3.5cc Podium
3.5cc - 1st Robert Daniel, 2nd Dave Hole, 3rd Dave Clay


Just one competitor managed a full run in each round – Robert Daniel in round 1 and Dave Pillman in round 2, who had the lake to himself from lap 15 and racked up an unchallenged 64 laps to take an easy win. Not the greatest spectacle when there’s only one boat going round for 75% of the race. I thought I was at a circuit meeting for a minute!
Best Lap – 15.457 – Robert Daniel

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7.5cc Podium
7.5cc 1st Dave Pillman, 2nd Robert Daniel, 3rd Dave Marles


That’s more like it – 6 starters, all managing over 40 laps apiece with 1 lap separating 1st and 2nd. Dean Lords Dirkach set up with a high revving CMB on a small prop had just enough speed to hold off Terry Holmes Seljak Stealth.
Best Lap, and all 10 fastest – 14.202 – James Taylor

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15cc Podium
15cc - 1st Dean Lord, 2nd Terry Holmes, 3rd James Taylor


Some good progress made on the noise front which Mick Szebeko acknowledged at the prize giving. Dave Marles was unpleasantly surprised to end up 4 laps adrift of Terry Holmes. We think this may have been down to some missed laps where the transponder float was very close to the racing line. No big trophy today unfortunately Dave. Drew Aykroyd broke an engine and will be getting the crank alignment checked.
Best lap – Andrew Aykroyd – 14.866

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27cc Podium
27cc podium - 1st Terry Holmes, 2nd Dave Marles, 3rd James Taylor

A final word

This was only the first race of the season, but the same small group are finishing races with the majority having issues of one sort or another. We must look to prioritise reliability equally to speed.

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