Norman Lara Bronze Medalist

Day Five 21st European Championships Tethered Hydroplanes A/B Pazardzhik Bulgaria

Despite the foggy heads we headed down to breakfast for 7.30am and at the lake by 8.30am. Norman was helping to mix the fuel and the competition began.
Bryn’s B1 had a good launch but only did a few laps, although he had put a new engine in (Mark 1 Profi). He didn’t put enough fuel in the tank (again) and it ran out before it could get a run in.
Angela’s B1 had a good run but it was slower as the tank was too lean. It is in need of some modification and training. Pete’s B1 went really well but the engine is under compressed so needs training. A1’s followed and we got a run! Pete listened to Norman, moving the tank and putting on a smaller prop and the A1 got a good speed.
At lunch Angela’s B1 had some training and it was brought back to where we were so roll on tomorrow!
After lunch the competition began with the last runs for A3/A2. Although Normans A3 got a good launch the globe plug blew and the boat stopped. Bryn could not run his A2 as he did not mend his tail shaft. Norman’s A2 had a good run, a little bit slower than previously.
The results for the A3 are 1st place Andreii, 2nd place Babken and 3rd place Armen. The results for A2 are 1st place Oleksei, 2nd place Andreii and 3rd place Norman. Congratulations to all but especially to Norman as Johns boat now has a bronze medal!

On The Wire

Day Six 21st European Championships Tethered Hydroplanes A/B Pazardzhik Bulgaria.

After an early breakfast we are heading the lake at 8.30am, Norman and Andreii mixing the fuel as usual.
A1’s were first Pete putting a bigger prop on his boat but it didn’t like it and stopped. B1’s followed. Pete was first and achieved his personal best 150mph. Well done Pete! Angela’s boat is a little rich but did 154.31mph so very happy. Bryn’s engine was a bit lean. Although it didn’t get a run it did manage a couple of circuits of the lake so he is very pleased.
Then off to the cafe for lunch with Koko, Boris and Ivo and to wait for the closing ceremony to start.
The ceremony started shortly after 2.30pm. You can see from the results the Ukrainian team dominated the competition winning medals in almost all the classes. It was very emotional. A huge well done to them and also to the other winners. It was great too to see our own team captain Norman receiving a medal on behalf of Johns boat. Well Done! A new trophy (the Ganchev trophy) has been designed. This was presented to the best competitor (Ivan from Ukraine) by Ganchev’s wife.
It was great to see everyone after 4 years and although in Team GB we all didn’t win a medal it was lovely to take part in the competition.
Looking forward to 2024!

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