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Contact: Andrew Aykroyd MPBA Multi Section Secretary

Multi or FSR-V or Endurance racing is for submerged drive mono V-Shaped hull craft powered by Glow (Nitro) or Petrol internal combustion engines. Racing takes place on a ‘M’ shaped course with races having a typical duration of 20 or 30 minutes. Up to 12 boats will compete at the same time. The fastest class boats will achieve speeds in excess of 80km/h. The MPBA is affiliated to, and adopts the rules of iMBRA

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The MPBA currently recognises 5 Classes of Multi Boat:

  • A Class or FSR Endurance-3.5: The smallest size of Multi-Race Class. For Glow motors up to 3.5cc.
  • B Class or FSR Endurance-7.5: For Glow motors up to 7.5cc.
  • C Class or FSR Endurance-15: For Glow motors up to 15cc. Not recommended for beginners due to the high speeds and intensity of racing.
  • S1 27cc or FSR Endurance-27: For Spark Ignition engines up to 27cc.
  • S1 35cc or FSR Endurance-35: For Spark Ignition engines up to 35cc.

An external site dedicated to both domestic and international Multi Racing is run by Multi Section committee member Robert Daniel :

Upcoming Events

21st July 2019
  • Peterborough NDC R7

    21st July 2019
    Osier Lake, Nene Valley Park 52.55804, -0.27994
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    Round 7 of the 2019 MPBA Endurance Drivers Championship

    See more details

6th August 2019
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