Fast Electric

Contact: Paul Upton-Taylor
The MPBA Fast Electric Section has its own dedicated website where detailed information can be found at


The section is divided into 2 regions : Northern Amp Draggers in the North and Electra in the South.

Electrically powered boats have held the R/C model boat World Speed Record for a number of years. Interestingly, advances in Battery and Motor technology have produced speeds that cannot be matched by IC powered boats. Races are held in a number of classes covering Submerged Drive, Surface Drive and Hydroplanes.

The Fast Electric Section currently holds two National events a year. The National Championships and the SAWS (Speed Records) event.

The National Championships are used as the qualifying event for inclusion in the MPBA Team, entered for the NAVIGA World Championships.

Upcoming Events

9th June 2019
23rd June 2019
28th June 2019
29th June 2019
30th June 2019

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