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Fast Electrics in the UK is mainly divided into two types Club 500 and similar classes run in local clubs and the NAVIGA classes which are mainly split between the North and South. The only events that are not divided are the SAWS which is the straight line speed records day and the Nationals.

Both the Northern Amp Draggers (NADS) for the North and ELECTRA for the South have a racing calendar of between 7 & 8 race events a year but neither have a home water so rely on other clubs and or venues to run these.

Season Highlights

The highlights for this year are the UK Nationals at Bridlington 28th to the 30th of June followed by the NAVIGA Section M Fast Electric Words Championships in Treviso, Italy 1st to the 10th of August.

The UK have 5 people racing they are:-

MPBA GB Team at the 2017 World Championships
MPBA Naviga 2017 Team

Hungary 2017 Video
Naviga 2017 Video

Domestic Season

Looking to the domestic scene we are struggling to attract new members as there is no logical jump from Club 500 to NAVIGA race classes the logical choice would be either Mini Eco Expert or Eco Expert, but both of these classes are not popular with current racers due we think in the main to needing a different course layout needed (Triangle vs Oval). Rumour has it that when the NAVIGA AGM takes place at the Worlds the Eco course will be changed to a “M” meaning only one extra buoy is needed, simplifying things for organisers.

The section and one or two individuals are looking to acquire or have built Have a Go boats we just got to finalize these and then organise some dates for anyone to come have a try.

FE Trainers

Good luck in 2019

On a personal note I would like to wish all racers in the UK all the best for the new season and see you lakeside.

Martin Machen
Martin Machen
Chairman, Public Relations Office & Web Master
Electra Fast Electric Racing Club

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