Ken Daniels

Civil Liability Cover:
£10,000,000 cover which is administered by Hiscox Underwriting Limited.

Our standard Civil Liability Policy is written on a Claims Made Basis – this means that the Policy will only pay those claims that both occur and are reported during the period covered by the policy. All incidents that may give rise to a future claim must be advised at the time of occurance.

Who is Covered:
1. The Association itself including its Committee, Officers, Officals and Volunteers.
2. Paid up members of Affiliated Clubs. Proof of insurance is a valid MPBA membership card.
3. Members who are directly Affiliated.
4. Where a Club organises and runs an official MPBA Event then the Officers of that Club will be covered, for the duration
of the Event, regardless of whether they are MPBA Members or not.

What is Covered:
Any recognised / authorised activity of the MPBA, including activities run by the clubs,
extending to social activities and personal model boating activities.

Civil Liability:
Has a very wide meaning under the Policy and includes; Public Liability (damage to third party property and persons), Product Liability (Goods Supplied), Errors & Omissions (advice given or not given), Member to Member Liability, Trespass, Libel, Slander and all other matters under Civil Law, Allegations of Child Abuse (provided the MPBA Child Protection Policy has been adhered to), Voluntary Helpers and the Interest of Principles are all included within the Insurance Policy.

Boat to Boat damage whilst on the water is not covered as this is considered to be a hazard of the Hobby.

Territorial Limits:
United Kingdom and the Member Countries of European Economic Community. Worldwide cover can be arranged on request.

Members Under 18 Years of Age:
It is a condition of the Policy that all members under the age of 18 are accompanied by a Parent or Guardian, a Guardian being defined as any person over the age of 18 acting with the written authority of the Parent. A copy of the Full Child Protection Policy may be obtained from the Insurance Representative or the Membership Secretary or can be Downloaded from this Site under the Technical Papers Heading in the Resources menu above.

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