Elmbridge Circuit 20220710

Round 4 of the MPBA 2022 Circuit Championship was held as usual at Elmbridge Model Boat Club. This was the last event before the 2022 iMBRA World Championships in Konopiska, Poland.

With 3 World Champions and a Silver Medalist in 3.5cc Hydro, this class provided the best racing of the day. Work pressures again means the following report is again courtesy Grahame Morgan

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The meeting was pretty well attended, which was great to see. Most classes managed to have at least 3 entries, which at least meant a chance of having a meaningful race. The one downside was the sport 60, just a single entrant. Another issue is people not turning up when booked in. This means more work to rearrange heats and can lead to people missing out on racing due to low numbers. We will always try to give everyone a chance to run, this is especially important as they may have traveled a long way.
If you book in for an event and subsequently find you cannot make it, please let us know. This can be done via the MPBA website or by email to Keith or myself.
Anyway we got the meeting off very early, which was great as weather was hot and sunny and helped those travelling get away at a reasonable time for journey home.
Weh ope you all enjoyed the day and had safe trips home. Thanks for your support. Thanks also to the Elmbridge guys who slaved away in the heat cooking a endless supply of food for both breakfast and lunch. Well done chaps much appreciated.
There is no event in August, this is planned so you can all enjoy a month off for the IMBRA World Championships, holidays or to get your boats properly sorted for reliability, which some suffer from more than others.
So the next meeting will be the charity event on September 17/18. This was run for the first time last year and proved very successful, raising more than £1,000 for Cancer Research charity. The format will be the same with multi racing on Saturday 17th and circuit on Sunday 18th. Camping onsite is available if needed and food will available both days. Please bring your own mugs for tea/coffee at reduced rate.
If you have any bits and pieces you would like to donate for sale or sell (with a donation to charity funds) please bring along.
Finally all boats must meet the MPBA noise limit requirements. This applies to multi boats as well. It would be good if someone in the multi section could highlight this to those racers.
One final point – There are updated circuit section rules. these will shortly be added to the MPBA website but here’s a heads up on them. Changes are paras 1.7 & 5.1.
Enjoy the good weather, stay safe and look forward to seeing you all in September.

A final word

Elmbridge is under an hour’s travelling for me and it’s just nice day out by a lake. It’s the exception rather than the rule for more than 2 boats to finish any race these days. That’s really not what you expect for a National Competition.

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  • Andrew aykroyd

    So does the 22 metre rule update apply to multi as well because at Peterborough they use 10 metres and almost all boats are over at this level. If 22 metres is used then no one will have a noise issue

    • Grahame

      Andy, the 22 metre rule applies to Circuit racing only. The two sections have chosen different distances. I cannot remember why. I personally think that 22 metre is too far. IMBRA is 85 at 15 metre so both sections vary.

    • Grahame Ian Morgan

      The two sections have a different approach to noise, so no the 22 metre only applies to circuit racing.
      Peterborough have to do whatever they can in order for some racing to continue so increasing distance would not be acceptable to them (in my opinion).

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