Update on Nitro

Nitro Formula 200

The Poisons Act 1972 controls the sale of certain explosives, precursors and poisons including Nitromethane. Currently, members of the public are permitted to acquire, import, possess and use products containing Nitromethane if the concentration is thirty per cent w/w or lower. Anyone wishing to acquire, import, possess or use Nitromethane at concentrations higher than 30% (up to 100%) has to […]

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All about LiPos

Why Are LiPo Batteries So Popular? LiPo batteries, short for Lithium Polymer battery, are a type of rechargeable battery that has taken the electric RC world by storm, especially for planes, helicopters, multi-rotor/drones and Fast Electric boats. They one of the reasons electric propulsion is now a very viable option over fuel powered models. LiPo batteries have many things going […]

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Propeller Balancing

Prop featured

The propeller is the final link in a boat’s power train. Its job is to take the torque created by a marine engine and convert this torque to thrust. A propeller is designed to control the engine’s RPM and hold it at wide open throttle to the recommended RPM range specified by the manufacturer of a motor. This preferably should […]

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