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Tethered Hydro

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Tethered Hydroplanes are one of the oldest forms of model boating. It was natural that when organised competitions were held model boaters wished to compare the speed of their models at these events.

The first races were held over a straight course but, as speeds increased, it was decided to use a circular course. This means that the model is tethered to a central pylon by a cable of known length. The advantages of this are two fold; firstly it is much safer and secondly the speed of the model can be very easily calculated.

The models are divided into various classes, depending on engine size. At present these range from 3.5 cc to 30 cc for waterscrew driven boats and 2.5 cc for airscrew models. All of the waterscrew models are capable of speeds in excess of 100 mph, the fastest being the 10 cc Class with speeds of 135+ mph. Airscrew boats are approaching speeds of 160 mph. There are also classes for steam driven boats and the fastest of these regularly reach 100 mph with the fastest currently reaching 118 mph.

Competitions are held regularly from March to October at venues especially adapted for racing this type of model.

Upcoming Events

6th July 2024
14th July 2024
27th July 2024
4th August 2024

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UK Speed Records

OrganisationClassNameSpeedDateDate Sort
MPBAB/SSteve Poyser96.6702/08/199819980802
MPBAAJ Hyder130.0508/10/200020001008
NavigaB1Jim Free154.9110/04/200020000410
NavigaA2R James129.3003/08/200320030803
MPBAA/SP Windross129.3307/07/201320130707
NavigaA3Norman Lara141.7006/07/201420140706
MPBAA/BRR Hankins139.1103/09/202220220903
NavigaA1Pete Dirs122.6413/08/201720170813
NavigaA1/EAngela Lara136.3530/07/202220220730
MPBABR Hankins124.7619/06/201620160619
MPBASport 40EM Broad111.2920/07/201420140720
MPBASport 40Stauart Falconer119.7503/09/202220220903
MPBASport B1Jim Free128.4828/05/201720170528
MPBAS/NoviceJim Free111.3029/08/199819980829
MPBAB1/EAngela Lara120.6812/06/202120210612

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