Tethered Hydro Speeds

As the Tethered Hydro section does not run a traditional Championship like the other racing sections, the following table shows best speeds achieved this year by members in each class. Click on an underlined members name for biographical info from On the Wire. Description of Classes and Records

= Improved PB = Record

NameA1A2A3AB/RBB1/SSport ESport 40Vintage
Steve Poyser113.64
Tony Collins133.8776.72
Rick Neal89.26102.50
Norman Lara
Lynn Blowers
Jim Free128.48
Ron Hankins119.56
John Underwood80.61101.8592.65
Ray Cox114.13
Hugh Blowers
Stuart Falconer94.3090.91
Doug Ettridge
Alan Greenfield61.34
Pete Dirs122.6484.7355.70
Mark Hankins113.70
Bryn Colman
Rick Benson
Joan Benson
Dave Scamell
Dave Smith113.89
Angela Gullick106.77
Steve Turley
Dave Sheldrake92.23
Dave Singleton
Anthony Rose
John Hyder116.02

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