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The Scale Section promotes the building and sailing of all types of Scale Boats. The scale can be any size and the range of types is unlimited. Some of the more popular types include: RNLI Boats, Warships, Tugs, Liners, Fishing Boats and Working Boats. Anything you can find a plan for!

It is often the best way to gain information and many Clubs have excellent Model Builders among their membership. Having access to members who have been boating for years will save you time and money, in the long run. Joining a club will give you access to the Club water and the activities going on during the season. Many of the MPBA Affiliated Clubs organise Regattas, Fun Days, Special Events and Exhibitions at both Local and National Level.

MPBA Scale Section Affiliated Clubs have a long tradition of Scale Steering Competitions involving area qualifiers leading on to a National Scale Final, held on rotation in different parts of the country.

Tug Towing is an area of Scale Modelling which is gaining interest with an MPBA sponsored National Final each year.

Please remember, joining an MPBA Affiliated Club will, together with many other benefits, give you Insurance Cover usually as part of your Club Subscription.

Upcoming Events

Nothing from 9th May 2024 to 9th August 2024.

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