Fred Coburn

Remembering Fred Coburn (1928-2003)

Fred was a 50 year plus MPBA member and father to MPBA Webmaster Andy Coburn. He began his model boating at Victoria Model Steamboat Club, trying his hand at all disciplines, eventually settling on RC Scale and Functional steering. His all-conquering Oceanic Tug dominated the both the Senior and Junior (With Andy at the controls) Scale Steering competitions in the 70’s and 80’s.

Once Andy got a taste for Multi Racing at VMSC (Limited to 3.5cc due to VMSC lake size), Fred switched to racing and enjoyed some success with his OPS powered SHG Mini Jaguar, but he always returned to VMSC whenever he could.

Fred was a hugely popular figure around the model boating scene. He is sorely missed.

Fred in his national service days

Vince Taylor, Fred and Ron Walker

Fred and Andy at home

Fred and Andy with 3.5cc Multi boat

Fred and Andy racing 35cc, Maidstone 2001

Fred at VMSC

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