Straight Running

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Straight Running

Contact: Dean Reynolds
The Rules for Straight Running can be downloaded in PDF Format HERE


This is the oldest form of competitive model boating. During the early part of the last century there were two classes of competition, namely Speed and Steering. As speeds rose it became necessary to tether the speed class boats and run them on a circular course. This Section is called ‘Tethered Hydroplanes’. The Steering Class being known as ‘Straight Running’ represented here. The boats are free running with no Radio Control. The discipline requires two people, one to launch and one to catch. The boats may be powered by Steam, I.C., or Electric.

There are five classes of boat: Functional, Scale Ships, Scale Boats, Metre and Wedge. There are a number courses and penalties that can be introduced but the basic steering course is described below.

  • At one end of the lake eight markers are placed at a set distance apart.
  • A Starting Gate is placed at a distance of sixty to eighty yards from the markers.
  • The object being to direct the boat through the starting gate to the markers in the distance.
  • A boat passing through the centre markers (or Bull) scores ten points next markers each side of the centre score nine points then eight and finally seven.
  • A Boat passing outside the outside markers does not score any points.

This is the most inexpensive form of model boating and can without doubt be the most challenging. No boat ever runs the same twice with differing weather and water conditions.

Upcoming Events

Nothing from 31st January 2024 to 30th April 2024.

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