2018 Euro A/B Championships Pazardzhik

The MPBA GB A/B team at MODEL YACHT CLUB – PAZARDZHIK for the European Championships.
Day 1 – 3 intrepid MPBA members made their way to Pazardzhik to test themselves against Europes best – Norman Lara, Peter Dirs and Stephen Poyser. Heere’s some good background info from On The Wire on the sort of speeds medallists will need to achieve.

Day 2 – A chilly, overcast and windy start. Not a good day for the Brits – Pete mis-launched his B1, Steve got a run in but did not trouble the leaders. Norman didn’t get a run in A2 and unfortunately blew his engine in A3 – all apparently consoled with huge ice cream cornets!

Day 3 – A much better day had by the Brits and it was a bit warmer too. Good results in A2 and A3 for Norman, and in A1 for Steve all 3 boats in position 4 at the moment. Pete had a good launch in B1 but tank was too lean to get round. A big thank you from the boys to Coco for retrieving all the boats and to the GB team for helping him with his boats. 2 world records broken today : 146mph by Andrei Smolnykov (Ukraine) in A1E senior and 130mph by Alisa Dolgikh (Russia) A1E junior.

Day 4 – The weather today was nice and cool (mid 70s). We started with A1 problems with tanks and shafts on Steve’s and Pete’s boats. Pete’s B1 got away well but went rich so needed to look at tank positions so will this later. In A2 Norman had a good run but Steve beat him, the A3 was too lean. Overall we had a good day. In training both Pete’s and Steve’s A1’s are now going really well. Pete’s B1 in training hit 173mph – a really good speed. Hopefully tomorrow is an even better day. Last runs in A3 and A2 tomorrow – Norman will try Ricky’s prop after some modification.

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