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Nitro Formula 200

The Poisons Act 1972 controls the sale of certain explosives, precursors and poisons including Nitromethane.

Currently, members of the public are permitted to acquire, import, possess and use products containing Nitromethane if the concentration is thirty per cent w/w or lower. Anyone wishing to acquire, import, possess or use Nitromethane at concentrations higher than 30% (up to 100%) has to apply to the Home Office for a Poisons and Explosives Precursors License.

At the time of writing the Home Office are undertaking a consultation on amendments to the Poisons Act 1972. There are three proposals put forward:

Option 1 – Make no changes to the existing regulations

Option 2 – Strengthen and clarify measures within the current legislation, but not change the substances and concentrations that members of the public can acquire, import, possess and use provided they have a valid license. This would effectively enable members to continue using concentrations of up to 30% Nitromethane with no requirement for a license.

Option 3 – This would lower the threshold for the license requirement from 30% to 16% nitromethane.

Members of the public can respond to the consultation either online or by completing a downloaded form. More information can be found on the Gov.UK website

The Consultation closes at 11.45pm on the 10th March 2022. When we have any further information, we will keep you updated in future editions of Propwash and here on the website.

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