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This is a table of the currently held Driver/Boat info. Click on any column to sort or use the search box.
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Club NumberClassNameHullEngineTransponder
GB-AC13.50ccIan FolksonIkarus 2.3CMB 21 Beta Evo8028001
GB-AC115.00ccIan FolksonTornado 5.2CMB 91 RS Evo8028001
GB-AC17.50ccIan FolksonNo InfoNo Info8028001
GB-AC127.00ccIan FolksonSeljakCMB Alpha Evo 28028001
GB-AC23.50ccMiha FolksonFenixCMB 21 Beta Evo8218483
GB-BD033.50ccDave MarlesIkarus 2.3OS XZM2610982
GB-BD0315.00ccDave MarlesTornado T7CMB91 RS Evo DFB2610982
GB-BD037.50ccDave MarlesPegasus EvoCMB 45 RS Evo2610982
GB-BD0327.00ccDave MarlesTornado T7Tiger King2610982
GB-BD0427.00ccDean LordNo InfoNo Info0
GB-BD047.50ccDean LordNo InfoNo Info0
GB-BD0415.00ccDean LordNo InfoNo Info0
GB-BD043.50ccDean LordIkarus 2.3OS XZM7716871
GB-BDN107.50ccMike LawsonNo InfoNo Info8489020
GB-BDN1015.00ccMike LawsonNo InfoNo Info0
GB-BDN103.50ccMike LawsonNo InfoNo Info5449438
GB-BDN1027.00ccMike LawsonNo InfoNo Info5283661
GB-BDN2315.00ccMike GelsonNo InfoNo Info6625917
GB-BDN73.50ccRobert DanielFalcon 2OS 21025804695
GB-BDN77.50ccRobert DanielPegasus EvoCMB 45 RS Evo8178671
GB-BDN715.00ccRobert DanielNo InfoCMB 21 Beta Evo3846582
GB-BW13.50ccJames TaylorIkarus 2.3CMB 21 Evo0
GB-BW17.50ccJames TaylorNo InfoNo Info0
GB-BW115.00ccJames TaylorTornado T7CMB 91 RS Evo5982628
GB-BW127.00ccJames TaylorTornado T7Tiger King6806943
GB-BW153.50ccAndy CoburnFalcon 2Nova Mito3246011
GB-BW20515.00ccMartin HillsteadSeljakCMB 91 RS Evo3871876
GB-BW2057.50ccMartin HillsteadPegasus 2CMB 45 RS Evo2943586
GB-BW2053.50ccMartin HillsteadMini PotenzaNova Mito3871876
GB-BW29115.00ccMick BuonaiutoTornado 5.2CMB 91 RS Evo9660558
GB-BW313.50ccMike HollidayNo InfoNo Info9871686
GB-BW3115.00ccMike HollidayTornado 5.2CMB 91 RS9871686
GB-BW3713.50ccTerry HolmesNo InfoNo Info3456359
GB-BW3717.50ccTerry HolmesNo InfoNo Info6216841
GB-BW37115.00ccTerry HolmesBoudiccaCMB 91 RS Evo7403706
GB-BW37127.00ccTerry HolmesSeljakTiger King8252731
GB-BW40127.00ccLuciano PiniNo InfoNo Info0
GB-BW4243.50ccAlan HolmesNo InfoNo Info0
GB-BW4467.50ccMikey HillsteadPegasus 2CMB 45 RS2604190
GB-BW44615.00ccMikey HillsteadTornado 5.2CMB 91 RS2604190
GB-BW4463.50ccMikey HillsteadNo InfoNo Info3871876
GB-BW667.50ccStephen O`ReillyNo InfoNo Info5502901
GB-BW83.50ccPaul AdamsMini PotenzaCMB 21 Evo0
GB-BW815.00ccPaul AdamsSeljakCMB 91 RS Evo3780446
GB-BW87.50ccPaul AdamsNo InfoNo Info3780446
GB-BW827.00ccPaul AdamsSeljakCMB Alpha Evo3780446
GB-BW93.50ccStuart WiseOwn DesignOS XZM9644695
GB-BW927.00ccStuart WiseTornado 5.2Tiger King9644695
GB-CM12327.00ccMick PainCostaTiger King8248782
GB-CM16915.00ccMike BroadOwn DesignCMB 91 RS4961721
GB-CM1693.50ccMike BroadSwordCMB 21 Beta Evo6748115
GB-CM16927.00ccMike BroadOwn DesignTiger King6748115
GB-CM2053.50ccGeoff ParmenterIkarus 2.3Nova Keep9880637
GB-CM2057.50ccGeoff ParmenterPegasus EvoCMB 45 RS Evo9003916
GB-CM2563.50ccOwen ThompsonNo InfoNo Info0
GB-CM25615.00ccOwen ThompsonOwn DesignCMB 91 RS Evo0
GB-CM77.50ccRoss WaumsleyPegasus EvoCMB 45 RS Evo7969463
GB-CM715.00ccRoss WaumsleyNo InfoNo Info7465465
GB-CM7135.00ccJamie MillerNo InfoNo Info6091953
GB-CM713.50ccJamie MillerNo InfoNo Info2609676
GB-CM7115.00ccJamie MillerNo InfoNo Info3519622
GB-CM717.50ccJamie MillerNo InfoNo Info6091953
GB-CM83.50ccJulian WaumsleyIkarus 2.3OS 21029072214
GB-CM87.50ccJulian WaumsleyPegasus EvoCMB 45 RS Evo6021467
GB-CM8827.00ccRoger SparkesOwn DesignTiger King8094541
GB-CW43.50ccGordon CookNo InfoNo Info4215758
GB-CW47.50ccGordon CookNo InfoNo Info0
GB-CW415.00ccGordon CookNo InfoNo Info7755979
GB-CW435.00ccGordon CookNo InfoNo Info0
GB-CW427.00ccGordon CookNo InfoNo Info5022737
GB-CWC1793.50ccAndy PayneFalcon 1OS XZM2480423
GB-CWC17915.00ccAndy PayneNo InfoNo Info3677534
GB-CWC3457.50ccChip MasonNo InfoNo Info9419643
GB-CWC3453.50ccChip MasonNo InfoNo Info2107891
GB-CWC34535.00ccChip MasonNo InfoNo Info9419643
GB-CWC34515.00ccChip MasonNo InfoNo Info9419643
GB-CWC43.50ccSteve ClementsNo InfoNo Info6257879
GB-CWC47.50ccSteve ClementsOwn DesignNova ToBe 46DD6257879
GB-CWC415.00ccSteve ClementsNo InfoNo Info8111867
GB-CWC4493.50ccThomas ClementsFalcon 1CMB Valvola2869773
GB-CWC5653.50ccAndrew AykroydIkarus 2.3OS 21027602071
GB-CWC5657.50ccAndrew AykroydPegasus 2CMB 45 RS5640314
GB-CWC62335.00ccDave WardleNo InfoNo Info6777610
GB-CWC62315.00ccDave WardleNo InfoNo Info6777610
GB-CWC6233.50ccDave WardleNo InfoNo Info6777610
GB-CWC6243.50ccDave WilliamsNo InfoNo Info6505763
GB-CWC6247.50ccDave WilliamsTitan 2CMB 45 RS6362295
GB-CWC62415.00ccDave WilliamsGammaCMB 91 RS6147815
GB-EG13.50ccLeon MorganFalcon 1OS XZM6453741
GB-EG103.50ccChris AlderIkarus 2.2Nova 35WC6015906
GB-EG107.50ccChris AlderNo InfoNo Info0
GB-EG23.50ccGrahame MorganOwn DesignNova Mito8269685
GB-EG513.50ccAlan HazledeneNo InfoNo Info9022830
GB-EG533.50ccDave PillmanIkarus 2.2Nova Mito4966713
GB-EG537.50ccDave PillmanPegasus EvoCMB 45 RS Evo2734313
GB-EG573.50ccNigel BatheNo InfoNo Info5765739
GB-EG5915.00ccDave HumphriesBoudiccaCMB 91 RS Evo7773846
GB-EG593.50ccDave HumphriesIkarus 2.3OS 21027340795
GB-EG597.50ccDave HumphriesIkarus 2.2OS .28 Truggy7340795
GB-EG603.50ccZack HumphriesIkarus 2.3OS 21027237846
GB-EG6015.00ccZack HumphriesTornado T7CMB91 RS Evo DFB8676433
GB-EG6115.00ccTony BrownNo InfoNo Info2807189
GB-EG617.50ccTony BrownNo InfoNo Info2807189
GB-EG6315.00ccRichard PopeNo InfoNo Info9720529
GB-EG637.50ccRichard PopeNo InfoNo Info5322214
GB-EG633.50ccRichard PopeNo InfoNo Info0
GB-EG647.50ccBen PopeNo InfoNo Info0
GB-EG657.50ccNeil WardNo InfoNo Info4141260
GB-K113.50ccDave ClayIkarus 2.3Nova Mito5559198
GB-K117.50ccDave ClayTitan 2CMB 45 RS5839697
GB-K1127.00ccDave ClayNo InfoNo Info3116621
GB-K203.50ccNigel SmithIkarus 2Nova Keep9282115
GB-K2015.00ccNigel SmithTornado 5.2CMB 91 RS4270406
GB-K207.50ccNigel SmithPegasus EvoCMB 45 RS7198645
GB-KY3913.50ccAlan TaylorMini PotenzaCMB Valvola4045102
GB-KY3917.50ccAlan TaylorNo InfoNo Info0
GB-KY39115.00ccAlan TaylorNo InfoNo Info5917331
GB-KY53.50ccDave HirdNo InfoNo Info0
GB-KY57.50ccDave HirdNo InfoNo Info3319957
GB-KY515.00ccDave HirdNo InfoNo Info3319957
GB-KY535.00ccDave HirdNo InfoNo Info8214195
GB-L115.00ccAlan WhitakerNo InfoNo Info0
GB-L135.00ccAlan WhitakerNo InfoNo Info5552740
GB-L17.50ccAlan WhitakerNo InfoNo Info5601981
GB-L33.50ccJohn WhitakerNo InfoNo Info6174914
GB-L315.00ccJohn WhitakerNo InfoNo Info2852166
GB-L37.50ccJohn WhitakerNo InfoNo Info9252933
GB-L335.00ccJohn WhitakerNo InfoNo Info6174914
GB-ND67.50ccMartin FieldsJekyllCMB 45 RS Evo7966562
GB-ND77.50ccMichael FieldsPegasus EvoCMB 45 RS Evo2614665
GB-ND815.00ccPhillip FieldsTornado T7CMB91 RS Evo DFB7159121
GB-NO13.50ccKeith BurgessIkarus 2.2OS 21024120723
GB-NO315.00ccMartin LawrenceNo InfoNo Info8284134
GB-NO33.50ccMartin LawrenceNo InfoNo Info8284134
GB-NO3087.50ccRichard HarrisNo InfoNo Info6050309
GB-PGH17.50ccMick SzebekoPegasus EvoNova ToBe 46DD5689644
GB-PGH113.50ccRichard SewellIkarus 2.3OS 21025951457
GB-PGH2127.00ccSteve BaxterTornado T7Tiger King6066583
GB-PGH33.50ccTony BallIkarus 2.3Nova Mito4942444
GB-PGH43.50ccDave HoleFalcon 1OS XZM3439345
GB-PGH427.00ccDave HoleNo InfoNo Info6087274
GB-PGH53.50ccColin CroxfordIkarus 2.3CMB 21 Beta Evo3884107
GB-PGH527.00ccColin CroxfordNo InfoNo Info3884107
GB-PGH615.00ccMark WraightSeljakCMB91 RS Evo DFB6853991
GB-PGH635.00ccMark WraightNo InfoNo Info0
GB-PGH67.50ccMark WraightNo InfoNo Info0
GB-PGH63.50ccMark WraightFalcon 1OS 21028806073
GB-PGH715.00ccSam LincolnBoudiccaCMB 91 RS Evo6853991
GB-PGH87.50ccGary Wraight8-BallCMB 45 RS Evo0
GB-PGH815.00ccGary WraightCostaCMB 91 RS4110434
GB-PGH83.50ccGary WraightNo InfoNo Info5417514
GB-PGH827.00ccGary WraightNo InfoNo Info0
GB-AC33.50ccRok FolksonFenixCMB Beta Evo8826137