Egletons Guide

We’ve put together this short tongue-in-cheek guide to help out our members who are visiting the iMBRA World Championships either as competitors or spectators.

Why should I go?
You will get to see and meet the top racers in the world battle it out for the title of World Champion. You will be able to eat snails and frogs legs, listen to them bang on non-stop about winning the World Cup, be ignored by surly shopkeepers, stay in non-air conditioned rooms or tents and share a bathroom with a load of strangers. What more could you want?

Where is it?
Egletons is in the Correze region of France. You’re looking at an 8 hour drive from Calais. Here’s a Google Maps route finder:

Here’s an alternative route finder using the Michelin website
Or do what we are doing and fly from Stansted in 1h 40min.

What’s there?
Paris, this is not. Egletons is a sleepy French Town in a picturesque and probably very warm region of France. Think Deliverance, but with a French accent “Couiner comme un cochon”. The carp fishermen amongst you will understand this reference. That said, there are branches of Lidl (Mon-Sat) and Auchan (Mon-Sat plus Sunday mornings). There’s also a ‘Boutique’ grocery store where an organic free range apple probably costs 10 euros, a butchers if you fancy a bit of horse with your chips and a couple of pizza places that have interesting reviews. Unfortunately, the nearest McDonalds is 25km away in Ussel if you like to eat that crap or your kids are wasting away from hunger.
Also in town, you’ll find a Cinema showing repeats of old Luc Besson movies and if you are about to expire due to the excessive heat, then you can buy a fan from This Place. There are a few banks where you can use your UK card in order to get ripped off with various ‘handling charges’ if you run out of Euros. The train station, which incidentally is nowhere near the town centre, is located close to the Jehovas Witness Church if you’re in a King James mood and prefer your blood un-transfused. There’s a little flying club strip next to the lake where they also do model flying and offer lessons – If you pretend you can’t fly, you can get a free lesson with a 3 channel high winged trainer (yawn). There’s an indoor swimming pool in town, but you have to drive there, so it might be best to just try to sneak into the camping ground and use their pool. The nearest A&E Department is 27km away in Ussel, not far from the McDonalds if you get food poisoning from your ‘Le Big Mac’, or the Tiger Mosquitos have drained all your blood.
Once you realise you’re not going to make any finals, you can have a go at the nearby Karting. If you’re really at a loss, you could even do some of These things

What about the racing?
Ok, if we must. There are many fast racers who have a chance if they have a good day, so predicting the winners is a hiding to nothing. So with 0% certainty….
All the H and O classes will be won by Kjell Gunnar Noddeland from Norway or another Norwegian.
In Endurance, the 3.5cc class will be won by Zack Humphries or Sebastien Videmont
The 7.5cc class will be won by Andras Berta or Valentinas Pumputis
The 15cc class will be won by Erich Costa or Chris Hof
The 27cc class will be won by Steven Kindt or Erich Costa
The 35cc class will be won by a member of the Hof family or Ivan Stagnani.

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  • H&O predictions not that accurate – Noddeland only got one Gold medal to add to his collection of 22. He also got a silver and bronze.
    In Endurance we’re pretty much on the money other than 7.5cc. As of 7/8/2018, Videmont leads 3.5, Braghieri and Berta had bad 1st runs in 7.5cc and are not currently in qualifying positions, Costa leads 15cc. Matze Hof leads 35cc.

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