Covid-19 Statement


Statement from the MPBA Multi Section
As of the 4th of July 2020, the Government has allowed meetings in groups, outside, with people of different households, whilst following COVID-19 guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus. 
In following with the Government guidelines for recreational clubs, all participating members in our forthcoming events will complete a risk assessment checklist to insure they are aware of the potential outcomes involved in gathering as a group. These checklists will then be passed on to the organiser of the event, to ensure everyone participating is aware of the dangers of COVID-19 and contracting it via the meeting.
Our COVID-19 plan follows strict Government social distancing regulations, in order to keep those involved safe, and aware.
These regulations include:

  • Roping off the area of activity, so the general public have little/no contact with the club and participants, therefore lowering the risk of contracting and spreading the disease, and in turn protecting others around the area.
  • Wearing masks and surgical gloves to prevent spreading of the disease between participating members.
  • The use of the 2m apart rule when possible, with leniency in places such as the racing area where there is limited space, and between members of the same household.
  • An availability of hand sanitiser in order to prevent spreading of the virus within the club.

The checklist for the members is available for download from the MPBA Here
The risk assessment form is available for download from the MPBA Here

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