Zack Humphries

#Zack Humphries is the best in the world in 3.5cc Endurance. He is currently our most consistently successful International competitor, scoring wins and podiums on a regular basis. He is the 2018 3.5cc iMBRA World Champion, 2019 iMBRA 3.5cc and 15cc European Champion, 2019 and 2018 3.5cc iMBRA League Winner, 2017 3.5cc iMBRA European Champion, 2018 3.5cc Winner in Stuttgart, 2018 3.5cc Winner and 15cc runner-up in Haarlem, 2018 3.5cc runner-up in Gonzaga, 2017 3.5cc winner in Oudenaarde and Saulxures, 2014 3.5cc World Champion, Silver medallist in 15cc at the 2016 iMBRA Worlds, 15cc winner at the 2016 van Maarle International, 2nd in 15cc Gonzaga 2017 and 2nd in the 2017 iMBRA GB International in 3.5cc.

Zack and his parents Dave and Lynn live on a private island bought from the James Bond villain Blofeld, from which they monitor the racing scene and make stealth attacks, appearing out of nowhere, taking the win and disappearing back to their secret lair to stroke their white cat and continue to pursue world domination through the medium of #blue-roll and hashtags.

The seemingly innocent front for this nefarious operation is their company Dynamometer World which we all know is the secret skunkworks for hi-tech boat development. On the face of it, Zack drives the latest #Ikarus 2.3 in 3.5cc and a #T7.4 in 15cc, both in scarlet/multi-coloured spots, but both these boats are undoubtedly produced using lighter-than-air elements not found on the periodic table.

2019 iMBRA European Champion | 2018 iMBRA World Champion

Zack at the 2017 iMBRA European Championships

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