Multi Racing Who’s Who?

Multi boat in action

Who are our Multi racers? All you need to know about the people who compete in Multi, aka FSR-Endurance (Previously FSR-V).
Multi or FSR-V or Endurance racing is for submerged drive mono V-Shaped hull craft powered by Glow (Nitro) or Petrol internal combustion engines. Racing takes place on a ‘M’ shaped course with races having a typical duration of 20 or 30 minutes. Up to 12 boats will compete at the same time. The fastest class boats will achieve speeds in excess of 80km/h. The MPBA is affiliated to, and adopts the rules of iMBRA

World Champions

A few of our racers have reached the pinnacle and become World Champions.

Dave Marles Dave Marles is a 5 time Naviga World Champion, 2 time FIM World Champion, an incredible 14 time National Half Hour winner across all classes and owner of Prestwich Models. Read More…
Ian Folkson Ian Folkson is a 2 time Naviga World Champion, FSR-O World Champion, 6 time National Drivers Champion, a record 15 time National Half Hour winner across all classes and owner of Ian’s Boats. Read More…
Martin Fields Martin Fields is the 2018 IMBRA 3.5cc Hydro World Champion, the 2014 7.5cc Endurance World Champion, a National Drivers Champion and a 2 time National Half Hour winner in 7.5cc. Read More…
Zack Humphries Zack Humphries is the 2018 3.5cc iMBRA World Champion, 2014 3.5cc World Champion, 2017 3.5cc iMBRA European Champion, 2018 3.5cc Winner in Stuttgart, 2018 3.5cc Winner and 15cc runner-up in Haarlem, 2018 3.5cc runner-up in Gonzaga, 2017. Read More…
Andrew Aykroyd Andrew (Drew) Aykroyd is a 2 time Naviga Junior World Champion, 4 time MPBA National Half-Hour winner and 2018 MPBA National Drivers Champion in the 7.5cc class. Read More…
Ross Waumsley Ross Waumsley is the 2014 Junior 15cc World Champion and 2018 MPBA National 7.5cc winner

Honourable Mentions

World Championship Silver Medallists.

James Taylor James Taylor took the 15cc silver medal at the 2014 FSR-World Championships in a controversial final. James is also a record 10-time National Drivers Champion. Read More…
Robert Daniel Robert took the 7.5cc silver medal at the 2014 FSR-World Championships, silver medallist in Naviga 2000 7.5cc offshore, bronze medallist in Naviga 2002 7.5cc Offshore, 3.5cc, 7.5cc and 15cc National Champion, and a 7.5cc National Drivers Champion. Read More…

2019 Competitors

All the competitors in the 2019 MPBA National Drivers Championships.

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