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Who are our Circuit racers? All you need to know about the people who compete in FSR-H and FSR-O.
Circuit Racing originated in the USA during the 1960’s, it has only appeared in the UK since 1991. Two types of craft are raced, Monohulls and Hydroplanes. All boats within this Section employ a surface piercing propeller drive system producing the characteristic rooster tail which is a hallmark of this type of model boat racing. Racing takes place on an oval course 120 metres long by 20 metres wide and navigated in a clockwise direction. The MPBA is affiliated to, and adopts the rules of iMBRA

World Champions

A few of our racers have reached the pinnacle and become World Champions.

Martin Fields Martin Fields is the 2018 IMBRA 3.5cc Hydro World Champion. Read More…
Phill Fields Phill Fields is the 2016 15cc Hydro iMBRA World Champion and 3.5cc Hydro Silver Medallist. Read More…
Ian Folkson Ian Folkson is the 2012 Naviga 3.5cc FSR-O World Champion, Silver Medallist in 3.5cc FSR-O at iMBRA 2018, iMBRA President and owner of Ian’s Boats. Read More…
Dave Marles Norway 2006 Dave Marles is the 2006 Naviga 7.5cc FSR-O World Champion and owner of Prestwich Models. Read More…

Honourable Mentions

World Championship Silver Medallists.

Keith Burgess Keith took the Silver Medal in 3.5cc Hydro at the 2018 iMBRA World Championships and 2008 Naviga World Championships. Son Luke took the bronze in 3.5cc FSR-O Junior at iMBRA 2018
Robert Daniel Robert took the silver medal in Naviga 2000 7.5cc offshore, and was bronze medallist in Naviga 2002 7.5cc Offshore. Read More…

2019 Competitors

All the competitors in the 2019 MPBA National Drivers Championships.

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