2021 Circuit Review


As a committee, we have made the decision that it would be prudent not to hold a circuit section AGM again this year given the current Covid situation. In lieu this post should keep everyone up to date with the going on’s of the section this year and proposals for 2022.


We were able to hold three meetings this year, the first was in August. The weather was kind to us and there was quite a good turn out under the circumstances. It was great to see everyone again after such a long time, getting out again, meeting up and enjoying their hobby.
The second event held in September was a combined Multi / Circuit regatta, normally held in June. It was a full weekend event with racing on Saturday and Sunday, and is always a popular event. Again, the weather was good to us and there was some great racing. The Elmbridge Club put on a brilliant show with the food once again, lovely breakfast rolls & superb burgers for lunch.

An extra event was also held, this was a charity event in memory of those boaters who sadly passed away this year. The format differed slightly having multi racing on Saturday and Circuit racing on Sunday. Again, food was provided by the Elmbridge Club throughout the weekend. Two great days of racing where had by all and best of all we managed to raise £1010.00 from entries, food, camping and voluntary donations. A big thanks to all that helped and supported to make this such a great event. The raised funds have been sent to the Cancer Research charity. Acknowledgement Letter

A big thanks to Kath Clements for preparing our accounts again. Section accounts.
To all those who are currently holding annual trophies, we know who you are, these were last awarded at the AGM in 2019. I would like to remind you to get them engraved, polished and return at the first meeting next year, without fail!

Proposed races for 2022:

  • 10th April
  • 8th May
  • 12th June
  • 10th July
  • 18th September


With the increasing size and speed of the boats competing in the Open Offshore Class we are introducing further safety requirements to race next year. These are being introduced to minimise the risk of an accident, injury or worse should they leave the water! We, as a section, have a great safety record and it is better to proactive rather than reactive. The first requirement is easy, and is built into most modern radio equipment, it is the use of a failsafe unit to kill the engine. Secondary to this, a system is also required to cut the ignition if the receiver loses a signal from the transmitter or there is a power failure to the receiver. There are several proprietary systems on the market such as the unit from Prestwich Models or Killer RC from as little as £10.00

If anyone has any matters arising from this mail or suggestions on the section, please mail me to discuss.

Lastly if anyone is interested in taking on any committee positions, again please mail me indicating your interest, please!!!


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