Dave Marles

Dave Marles is a 5 time Naviga World Champion, 2 time FIM World Champion, an incredible 14 time National Half Hour winner across all classes and owner of Prestwich Models.

Dave lives in Cheshire and travels to most of the internationals which means he can’t make all the UK races, explaining his solitary National Drivers title. He has been a constant presence however, in the GB team at Naviga and latterly iMBRA World Championships.

Dave designs and produces the Ikarus (3.5cc), Pegasus (7.5cc) and Tornado T7 (15 and 27cc) hulls, all of which are regular winners in domestic and international competition.

Dave is also an expert engine tuner and his own boats are usually the fastest at every event. Running ‘on the edge’ has it’s unique set of problems and Dave has suffered his fair share of breakages. However, 2017 is a World Championship Eliminator year and the first race at Peterborough showed he is on top of the reliability issues and is still a force to be reckoned with.

** Update (June 2017) ** Dave switches 3.5 engine to CMB Beta Evo after a string of breakages with his hybrid Novas.
** Update (October 2017) ** Dave switches 3.5 engine to O.S. 2102 following more unreliability with the CMB Beta.

*** Latest ***
10/03/2019 – Dave posts a video of a new 7.5cc boat – Tucana. Both this boat and Tornado T8 appear on the 2019 race entry forms.
15/10/2017 – Dave qualifies in all 4 classes for the MPBA GB Team competing at the iMBRA 2018 World Championships
25/05/2017 – Dave wins the 15cc class in the MPBA British Masters race
Dave Boat

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