MPBA British Masters

Carrying on from 2016, this years Masters event was again a combined Endurance (Multi) and Circuit event. Despite being slightly down on numbers, we witnessed many tight and intense races.

Our thanks go to the Elmbridge Club for hosting this event and to the many people involved in its running. The racing program alternating between a ‘M’ course and an ‘Oval’ meant the course had to be re-deployed twice over the 2-day event.

Endurance (Multi)

With Zack Humphries conspicuous by his absence from this class, Mark Wraight (Peterborough) continued his good form from Oudenaarde with a win in the 3.5cc. Mark was, as usual pitted by his brother Gary and went home with the 3.5cc bragging rights after some lively banter on the internet with fellow racers Andrew Aykroyd and Dave Pillman during the previous week! Ian Folkson took 2nd only 1 lap adrift with his still fairly new Ikarus 2.3 – The subject of a MPBA build Masterclass

In 7.5cc, a great performance by the Waumsleys – Father / son duo Julian and Ross (Cygnets) making it a family 1-2 in the 7.5cc with their Pegasus Evo / CMB 45 RS combos. Ross had a tough battle against Gary Wraight who returned following a 2 year absence to take 3rd in his first race with his 8 Ball / Nova ToBe.

Dave Marles drove a controlled race with his Tornado T7 in 15cc to take his second NDC win in 2017. Numbers were a bit down in 15cc, but you still have to finish to win. Usual 15cc contenders Mark Wraight and Zack Humphries both suffered mechanical issues. A rare weekend indeed to see Zack go home without a trophy.

James Taylor (Brentwood) fought a race-long battle to keep Steve Baxter at bay to take the 27cc win with his Tornado T7 and Tiger King combo.

Hydro and Mono

3.5cc Hydro
A great performance from Phill Fields, Martin Fields and Leon Morgan of LM Racing saw them take 1-2-3 in 3.5cc Hydro, with all 3 using KEPS T2 riggers.

7.5cc Hydro
A maximum 1,600 point clean sweep for Chas Tedder saw him take the 7.5cc Hydro class from Steve Clements and Derek Owen.

7.5cc Mono
Mick fields took the win from Mick Buonaiuto and Adrian Marshall.

15cc Mono
Les Wall takes the win from Robert Daniel and Mick Buonaiuto.

35cc Mono
Win number 2 for Dave Marles from Neil Ward and Grahame Morgan.

Sport 60
Adrian Marshall takes the win. A very happy junior Thomas Clements takes 2nd in a Senior race from Les Wall.

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