Elmbridge Circuit NDC Round 2

3 in a row

Detailed Results | Photo Gallery | Championship Standings | Back to Race Hub A decent turnout for the second Circuit race of the 2019 season – 8 boats in 7.5 Hydro promised some exciting racing. The day was dry with the sun threatening to make an appearance in the afternoon. We kicked off as usual with the hot breakfast rolls […]

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Elmbridge Circuit NDC R1

Pillman Ward Crash

Detailed Results | Photo Gallery | Championship Standings | Back to Race Hub Apologies for the lateness and brevity of this report – Work commitments and all that. An excellent turnout for the first Circuit race of the 2019 season – 9 boats in 7.5 offshore and 35 Offshore promised some exciting racing. In fact only the 3.5 Offshore looked […]

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2018 Season Preview

Looking ahead to the 2018 multi season, we have a lot to look forward to. There are the iMBRA League races in Gonzaga, Stuttgart, Haarlem and Hannover, plus a potential 2nd international in Holland at a new venue. The highlight of the season is of course the 2018 iMBRA World Championships in Egletons, France starting at the end of July […]

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Elmbridge NDC Round 5

The weekend saw some good hard racing in sweltering conditions for Round 5 of the MPBA Edndurance (Multi) National Drivers Championship. As we enter mid-season, every class is wide open with the only significant gap of 12 points being held by new 3.5cc leader Mark Wraight. As usual, full heat and lap breakdown available on Robert Daniel’s site Additional photos […]

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MPBA British Masters

Carrying on from 2016, this years Masters event was again a combined Endurance (Multi) and Circuit event. Despite being slightly down on numbers, we witnessed many tight and intense races. Our thanks go to the Elmbridge Club for hosting this event and to the many people involved in its running. The racing program alternating between a ‘M’ course and an […]

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