Elmbridge Circuit NDC Round 2

3 in a row

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A decent turnout for the second Circuit race of the 2019 season – 8 boats in 7.5 Hydro promised some exciting racing. The day was dry with the sun threatening to make an appearance in the afternoon. We kicked off as usual with the hot breakfast rolls supplied by the Elmbridge crew and the free practice to iron out any last minute issues. Today we welcomed a guest from OMRA – Clive Whitbread who was competing in the 15cc and 35cc Offshore classes with his Phantom boats.

3.5cc Hydro – Just 2 boats contested this class – Keith Burgess was having problems with his 3.5cc hydro and unfortunately only finished round 1, but took the fastest lap of the day in all classes of 11.08 seconds. This left Phill Fields to take the win with a maximum 1,600 and the lead in the Drivers Championship.

3.5cc Hydro Podium – click to enlarge
3.5cc Hydro Podium - 1st Phill, 2nd Keith

7.5cc Hydro – Gary Wraight take a bow! Gary’s Boldy Design StingR was flying today and he took the win despite a DNF in round 3 where an overly aggressive move in an attempt to get the start resulted in him running up the wash of Dereks boat and flipping over. Gary lost his shaft and prop, but after some repairs with a kind loan from Derek, he was back with a maximum in round 4 to seal the win. Armen may have been regretting selling Gary the rigger after coming 2nd to Gary in the heat and 3rd overall, but he retains a slender 300 point lead over Gary in the Championship. Steve Clements took 2nd after finishing each round and getting a maximum in round 3.

7.5cc Hydro Podium – click to enlarge
7.5cc Hydro Podium - 1st Gary, 2nd Steve, 3rd Armen>

15cc Hydro – Derek took the win today with 2 maximums and 2 DNFs – Reliability plagued the 15cc Hydro class today with 2nd placed Armen only making one start and 3rd placed Tony failing to score.

15cc Hydro Podium – click to enlarge
15cc Hydro Podium - 1st Derek, 2nd Armen, 3rd Tony (Not present)

3.5cc Offshore – Dave Clay needs to get his 3.5cc Offshore performing like his Multi boat as he was comprehensively beaten into 4th by 3 Juniors! Miha dominated this class, taking the win by 8 laps from Thomas. Brother Rok took 3rd place. Luke was quick as usual, but reliability let him down today. Dave retains his lead in the Championship as Miha, Rok and Thomas all missed round 1.

3.5cc Offshore Podium – click to enlarge
3.5cc Offshore Podium - 1st Miha, 2nd Thomas, 3rd Rok

7.5cc Offshore – It’s been a while coming, but Vince finally returned to the podium with a solid 3rd place after some judicious tweaking by son James found some reliability. Julian took the win by just one lap from Mick Buonaiuto who retains his lead in the Drivers Championship by 25 points over Chas who had a lot of reliability issues today.

7.5cc Offshore Podium – click to enlarge
7.5cc Offshore Podium - 1st Julian, 2nd Mick B, 3rd Vince

15cc Offshore – Mick Buonaiuto also tops the 15cc Offshore Championship with an easy win today finishing 7 laps clear of 2nd placed Clive Whitbread and 17 laps in front of Les Wall Mick tried to hide this crash under the trees, but there’s no getting away from Mr Canon.

15cc Offshore Podium – click to enlarge
15cc Offshore Podium - 1st Mick B, 2nd Clive, 3rd Les

35cc Offshore – James Taylor had sorted the ride on his Kraken after Round 1 and cruised to victory and the Championship lead 56 laps clear of 2nd placed Grahame Morgan. OMRA guest racer Clive Whitbread must have been pleased to get a double podium in his first MPBA event. Not such a good weekend for Mark Wraight as the bearing cage on his Tiger King melted so he couldn’t race at his normal level.

35cc Offshore Podium – click to enlarge
35cc Offshore Podium - 1st James, 2nd Clive, 3rd Grahame

Sport 60 – Adrian Marshall takes the overall win and retains top spot in the table. Thomas grabbed 2nd and Les in 3rd.

Sport 60 Podium – click to enlarge
Sport 60 Podium - 1st Adrian, 2nd Thomas, 3rd Alan (Not Present)

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  • derek

    just a mod to mr wraights 7.5 H It was derek who supplied a new flexi and the loan of a 1457 prop allowing him to obtain some more championship points.. LOL maybe the situation my be reversed one day ? Mr wraight deserved every point …

  • Roman Agafonov

    Great review as always. So happy for children shiny faces. So sorry for Martin’s DNS in booth classes but happy for Phillip’s high scores. Keep the riggers on course, it is interesting. Good luck to everybody in all race season.

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