Elmbridge Circuit 20220410

Round 1 of the MPBA 2022 Circuit Championship was held as usual at Elmbridge Model Boat Club. A reasonable entry list and similar to what’s usual apart from the lack of 3.5 H+O’s.
The most popular class these days is the O35 and the decent sized field promised some good racing.
T-Shirt weather for the most part and the usual terrific catering made for a good 1st day out in the 2022 season.

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The rust had really set in over the winter and the day was littered with a series of crashes, with one unfortunately causing a huge amount of damage:

All the competitors

A final word

It’s always good to be at Elmbridge as it’s not far from home for me and the great weather meant a nice Sunday by the lake. On the other hand, this is national competition and the standard of driving at certain times was truly shocking. Some blame must also lie with the mechanics for failing to warn of dead boats.

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