Zack wins in Stuttgart

Congratulations to MPBA member Zack Humphries, winner in the 3.5cc class in Stuttgart. Zack topped a field packed with top European racers including current iMBRA 3.5cc World Champion Sebastien Videmont, and CMB manufacturer Mauro Braghieri.

Podiums [Click to enlarge]

Full results:
Zack Humphries winner in 3.5cc (qualified 2nd)
Julian Waumsley 6th in 3.5cc (qualified 10th)
Ian Folkson 13th in 3.5cc (qualified 13th)
Robert Daniel 20th in 3.5cc (qualified 20th)

David Humphries 4th in 7.5cc (qualified 10th)
Ross Waumsley 11th in 7.5cc (qualified 6th)
Robert Daniel 16th in 7.5cc (qualified 16th)

Zack Humphries 7th in 15cc (qualified 3rd)

Ian Folkson 12th in 27cc (qualified 10th)

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