Dave Pillman

Finally a drivers championship in 2023! Dave Pillman shakes the “Fast but Unreliable” tag that followed him around. A far cry from the impetuousness that lost him the 2018 Championship to Andrew Aykyoyd by 1 point.

Dave, 45, lives in Watford and is an RAC Technician by trade, having defected from the AA recently. The AA website describes a technician thus: “What sets you apart is your talent for organisation, willingness to be flexible and a flair for making reassuring connections with all kinds of people”. Ok Dave?

He also has a love for carp fishing and is a field tester for MadBaits. Dave was a bit worried recently when Mark Wraight nearly topped his PB on a fishing trip to France.

Dave competes in both the 7.5cc and 27cc classes and drives the Drakkon and Tornado in blue/purple designed by multiple world champion Dave Marles, with power supplied by extensively tuned CMB 45RS and CMB Alpha Evo.

Dave likes to be the quickest on the water, striving for the best lap time. To achieve this, he takes tuning to the very edge and runs high nitro content. Sometimes this has unfortunate consequences and he has suffered many breakages and dnf’s in the past, often ending up in his trademark upside-down position.
With a brand new Pegasus Evo for 2018, he was hoping to do the business, but impetuousness once again meant he snatched defeat from the jaws of victory

*** LATEST ***
15/10/2023 Dave finally clinches the 7.5cc Drivers Championship at Brentwood.
31/03/2019 A string of disasters leading up to Round 2 meant Dave withdrew from the 3.5cc class. In 7.5cc, he broke 2 engines and was comprehensively beaten by Gary Wraight who was only running his new engine in.
14/12/2018 Dave has nearly finished building a new super lightweight Ikarus 2.3 for the 2019 Championship. It’s going to be fast, but will it be reliable?
30/09/2018 Dave agonisingly loses out on the 2018 7.5cc Drivers Championship to Andrew Aykroyd by 1 Point
10/06/2018 Dave wins the 7.5cc class at the British Masters and tops the table in the 2018 Drivers Championship
25/03/2018 Dave wins the 7.5cc class at the first round of the 2018 drivers championship at Peterborough

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