Brentwood Endurance NDC R8

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The last race of the 2018 MPBA National Endurance Drivers Championship came at the end of a busy September for our racers, especially those who also compete in the Circuit Championship, so understandably, numbers were a little on the low side. There is still one more race this year – The traditional Peterborough Prestwich Classic, but this race is now included in the 2019 Championship year and part of the qualification for the 2020 iMBRA World Championships
With James Taylor having already sealed both 15cc and 27cc titles, focus was on the 3.5cc and 7.5cc classes.

No podium today for Dave Hole, but a solid 4th and 22 points confirms his 2nd National Drivers Championship win. Geoff Parmenter recovered his consistency and speed to take an extremely close win by 3 seconds from Nigel Smith with Andrew Aykroyd just one lap behind in 3rd.

3.5cc podium – 1st Geoff Parmenter, 2nd Nigel Smith, 3rd Andrew Aykroyd [Click to enlarge]

All the 3.5cc boats [Click to enlarge]

Welsh Wizard lays Waste to Watford Wonderkid!
Oh dear. Dave Pillman manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory yet again and will now have to wait another year to try to capture his maiden National Drivers Championship.
After deductions, the gap between Championship leader Dave and 2nd placed Andrew Aykroyd was just 7 points going into this race. A 2nd place finish would do it and Dave has the fastest Pegasus Evo in the country alongside Dave Marles whilst Martin Fields is still working on his Jekyll. Having clashed with Dave Williams in Round 1, Dave needed a full run in round 2, but was not cautious enough and crashed with 7.5cc race winner Geoff Parmenter. Dave got his boat back on the water and drove like a demon to try to overtake Andrew Aykroyds 1st round score of 68, but could only manage 66 at the hooter. Andrew Aykroyd took the Drivers Championship title by 1 point. The internet was quick to react in it’s usual cruel way, our favourite being this video recorded by yours truly in April this year.

7.5cc podium – 1st Geoff Parmenter, 2nd Andrew Aykroyd, 3rd Dave Pillman [Click to enlarge]

All the 7.5cc boats [Click to enlarge]

With the 15cc title already sewn up, James Taylor cruised to his 4th 15cc victory this year, having stripped and converted his T7 to straight drive by burning the candle at both ends. The boat seemed faster, but suffered from water getting in the carb intermittently. Ian Folkson offered advice on a solution to this issue and James will fit a plate to prevent water splashing up against the bulkhead before the Prestwich Classic.

15cc podium – 1st James Taylor, 2nd Dave Williams, 3rd Mike Holliday [Click to enlarge]

All the 15cc boats [Click to enlarge]

2018 27cc Champion James Taylor elected not to run in the 27cc class this week, saving his boat for the Prestwich Classic – James is after the £100 cash prize 2 years in a row! Mick Pain took the win in a close fought battle with Roger Sparkes and Mike Lawson. Thanks to Mike for making the long journey down South! 1-2-3 all finished within a single lap of each other.

27cc podium – 1st Mick Pain, 2nd Roger Sparkes, 3rd Mike Lawson [Click to enlarge]

All the 27cc boats [Click to enlarge]

3.5cc Junior
Rok acquitted himself superbly in his first race, putting in a full run in heat 2 and even managing to beat his big brother Miha! Miha’s consolation is the 2018 Junior 3.5cc Drivers title, capping a great season where he also won the 3.5cc Circuit Championship, and that is not split Junior/Senior so he actually beat ALL the seniors!

Junior 3.5cc podium – 1st Rok, 2nd Miha [Click to enlarge]

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