Peterborough Multi NDC R2

Wow, what a turnout! An incredible 53 boats entered in the first race of 2019. The internet had been alive with gossip and banter in advance of round 2 of the 2019 MPBA Multi National Drivers Championship. A few new boats had been built by the usual competitors and we had 3 new 3.5 drivers for 2019 – Phill Fields with an ex-Simon Carrier Falcon 2, Armen Boldy, a hydro circuit racer in his first Endurance race and Keith Nash, a newbie with an own design 3.5 boat. Armen also entered the 7.5cc class and we had a new competitor in 15cc – Vladimir Getov.
This year is unusual in that Round 1 was actually held in October 2018, as the winners in each class of this years Drivers Championship gain a place on the GB Team for the 2020 iMBRA World Championships in Gonzaga, Italy. The traditional eliminators for this event are being held in October this year, before the last race of 2018, the Prestwich Classic. So we need to complete the drivers Championship before the eliminators by making the season run from Round 9 2018 to Round 9 2019. Round 10 now forms part of the 2020 Championship. I’m sure this new format will be hotly debated and I would be surprised if it is still in place for the 2022 World Championships qualifying year.
I brought my boxing gloves along in anticipation of the re-appearance of ‘Angry-Man’ from 2018, but he didn’t turn up. Clearly running scared.

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Dave Pillman dropped out of the 3.5cc class after a string of disasters during testing, starting Friday with water in his fuel, culminating in a Super Saturday leaving his transmitter at home followed by getting water in the radio and breaking a 3.5 engine. It couldn’t get any worse could it? Just wait till the 7.5cc class!. The other non starter was Mark Wraight who had sold his Falcon 1 to Armen Boldy
The first 3.5cc heat in round 1 produced some exciting racing with Dave Clay, Keith Burgess and Andrew Aykroyd all vying for the win. Dave Clay was flying and took the win from Keith after Andrew rolled out with minutes to go. The 2nd heat was much lower scoring with considerable attrition. All the juniors did well, with Thomas scoring higher than several ‘Big Names’. Come on Steve, build him a faster boat!
In round 2, Phill Fields made up for an uncharacteristic error in the first round by putting in a clean run, securing 3rd place, on the same lap but just 4 seconds behind Keith Burgess in overall 2nd. Dave Clay takes the overall win plus fastest 3.5cc lap of the day, a lap up on 2nd and 3rd. Dave is definitely going for the title this year and says he has built an even faster Ikarus.

3.5cc Podium
3.5cc podium - 1st Dave Clay, 2nd Keith Burgess, 3rd Phill Fields. Thomas highest junior

14 entrants in the 7.5cc class meant we had to split this into 2 heats which is quite rare. In the end, this became slightly farcical as the amount of attrition meant that the 2nd round heats were contested by just a few boats. Additionally, unplanned stoppages may have distorted the scores slightly.
Geoff Parmenter now has a #dptuned CMB 45 and he put it to good use with an unassailable 70 laps in Round 1. Robert Daniel may feel a little hard done by, as he was affected by the stoppage in Round 2, suffering a problematic restart and surely would have bettered his 2nd place 68 laps after grabbing a clean sweep of all 10 of the fastest laps in Round 2.
Martin Fields took 9 out of 10 of the fastest laps in Round 1 with his self-designed Jekyll. This boat is now starting to show it’s potential and Martin said he was convinced it was the right way forward for him.
The highlight of the 7.5cc racing was this spectacular crash sequence involving Andrew Aykroyd and Robert Daniel:

With all the stick Gary Wraight had taken for the last year over his 8-Ball, he was delighted with 3rd place in the first outing for the boat since the 2017 Eliminators, putting in a clean run whilst still running the engine in. He wasted no time in pouring scorn over fellow #banterracing member and speed merchant Dave Pillman who had been giving Gary a very hard time and ended up breaking 2 CMB engines!

7.5cc Podium
7.5cc podium - 1st Geoff Parmenter (Not Present), 2nd Robert Daniel (Not Present), 3rd Gary Wraight.

With 11 boats in one race in the 15cc class, we were expecting fireworks and while there were a couple of minor crashes, it was nowhere near the carnage we had been expecting. For the most part, the drivers kept their cool.
The 2nd round produced a really exciting race between James Taylor, Mikey Hillstead and Mark Wraight. Mikey had his Potenza flying and was driving super aggressively. Unfortunately, that aggression probably cost him the win in the end as he missed 2 or 3 buoys with the resultant loss of laps relegating him to 3rd place.
Mike Holliday must have felt like crying when his brand new Seljak was involved in a first buoy incident, but fortunately the damage was light and Mike eventually put in a respectable 44 laps.
With the top 3 all with 2 laps, James Taylor took the win from Mark Wraight and Mikey

15cc Podium
15cc podium - 1st James Taylor, 2nd MArk Wraight, 3rd Mikey Hillstead

James Taylor smashed the competition to dominate the 27cc class. Who can stop James’ relentless march towards an 11th title? With Ian Folkson and Dave Marles not running, could Paul Adams, Terry Holmes or Steve Baxter take the fight to James? Not today. James cruised to victory with a 14 lap winning margin.
Paul Adams took 2nd place with Terry Holmes in 3rd

The highlight of the 27cc racing was this spectacular crash between Mick Pain (Pink and Blue) and Paul Adams

27cc Podium
27cc podium - 1st James Taylor, 2nd Paul Adams (Not Present), 3rd Terry Holmes

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