Multi Racing World Champions

Chart of World Championships by Country

A look at the history of FSR Endurance shows Germany have dominated the World Championships since records began. But is this the whole picture? Germanys total has been bolstered by Rudi Hoffman’s and Ronny Riedel’s largely unchallenged 5 and 3 wins in 35cc respectively. The German team is still strong though, spearheaded by the amazingly consistent Hof Family.
Since CMB have been producing a 35cc engine, the picture has changed, with CMB owner Mauro Braghieri from Italy now setting the standard in the 35cc class. Mauro is, at the time of writing, the most successful individual racer with 8 titles to his name (3 x 15cc, 2 x 27cc and 3 x 35cc). Mauro was unable to attend the 2016 iMBRA World Championships due to ill health, but we expect him to be back to his best in 2018.
In the 27cc class, Mauro leads with 2 titles, but iMBRA Vice-President Erich Costa will be looking to grab the honours in 2018, with Steven Kindt (Belgium), top boat designer Valter Seljak (Italy) and Ian Folkson (Great Britain) also amongst the contenders.
In the Blue Riband 15cc class, the lions share of success has been split between the 2 top French racers Erich Costa and Sebastien Videmont with 4 titles apiece, although Mauro claimed the 2014 FSR-World title in a controversy-filled 15cc final. Brit Zack Humphries will undoubtedly want a slice of the action in 2018.
The 7.5cc and 3.5cc classes are less clear cut. In 7.5cc, the leader is Frederick Cederberg of Sweden with 3 titles. Freddie races less these days although he still produces the Falcon, Titan and Boudiccca boats from his Modell Marin business. Hot on his heels is Ludo Smeets from Belgium with 2 titles. 2016 iMBRA Champion Andras Berta from Hungary is currently the ‘in-form’ driver. Can he be stopped in 2018? Martin Fields (Great Britain), Ludo and Dieter Smeets (Belgium) and Evert de Ronde Jr (Netherlands) will all certainly be trying to do so!
The 3.5cc class is pretty even with Sebastien Videmont (France), Andras Berta (Hungary), Christoph Schneider (Germany) and Dave Marles (Great Britain) all on 2 titles each. We expect the 2018 Championship to be closely fought, with Brit Zack Humphries and Germany’s Winnie Ott also having a say in the outcome.

Peterborough NDC round 3

The 3rd round of the MPBA Multi National Drivers Championship today saw some great racing.

A top performance by 2014 3.5cc World Champion and 2016 iMBRA Silver Medallist Zack Humphries saw him take wins in both 3.5 and 15cc. Hot on his heels was Mark Wraight in 2nd place in both 3.5 and 15, narrowly pipping Andrew Aykroyd for 2nd place in the 3.5 by 13 seconds over the 20 minutes. These good results put Andrew top of the 3.5 table, and Mark top of the 15cc. Geoffrey Parmenter was back to form with a win in the 7.5, putting him top. Ian Folkson looks unbeatable at the minute in 27cc, but a solid 2nd from Mick Pain keeps Mick at the top of the 27 table.

An encouraging sight was 2 juniors in the 3.5 for the first time for a while.
Drivers Championship tables

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Presidents Award 2016

MPBA President Tony Willett presenting Jan and Vince Taylor with the Presidents Award. This is the first
time that a joint award has been given and is thoroughly deserved.
Over many years, Jan and Vince have given so much to the Association in the form of helping out at regattas,
being team leaders in various International competitions.
Congratulations and well done.

Vince and Jan’s granddaughter suffers from type 1 diabetes and they are currently trying to raise funds for a life-saving glucose monitor. Please take the time to read about this and to donate if you can. Becky’s Story

Presidents Award 2016

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Fred Coburn

Remembering Fred Coburn (1928-2003)

Fred was a 50 year plus MPBA member and father to MPBA Webmaster Andy Coburn. He began his model boating at Victoria Model Steamboat Club, trying his hand at all disciplines, eventually settling on RC Scale and Functional steering. His all-conquering Oceanic Tug dominated the both the Senior and Junior (With Andy at the controls) Scale Steering competitions in the 70’s and 80’s.

Once Andy got a taste for Multi Racing at VMSC (Limited to 3.5cc due to VMSC lake size), Fred switched to racing and enjoyed some success with his OPS powered SHG Mini Jaguar, but he always returned to VMSC whenever he could.

Fred was a hugely popular figure around the model boating scene. He is sorely missed.

Fred in his national service days

Vince Taylor, Fred and Ron Walker

Fred and Andy at home

Fred and Andy with 3.5cc Multi boat

Fred and Andy racing 35cc, Maidstone 2001

Fred at VMSC

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