2019 Fast Electric Season Preview

Fast Electric Preview Featured

Intro Fast Electrics in the UK is mainly divided into two types Club 500 and similar classes run in local clubs and the NAVIGA classes which are mainly split between the North and South. The only events that are not divided are the SAWS which is the straight line speed records day and the Nationals. The Northern Amp Draggers (NADS) […]

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Add your own photos

Now you can send us your photos directly from your mobile! 1. Download “Google Photos” app to your iOS or Android device if you don’t already have it (Only need to do this once): 2. Click below go to the “MPBA Members” album and open in the Google Photos app: 3. Click the circled icon in the app to add […]

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All about LiPos

Why Are LiPo Batteries So Popular? LiPo batteries, short for Lithium Polymer battery, are a type of rechargeable battery that has taken the electric RC world by storm, especially for planes, helicopters, multi-rotor/drones and Fast Electric boats. They one of the reasons electric propulsion is now a very viable option over fuel powered models. LiPo batteries have many things going […]

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