2018 Euro A/B Championships Pazardzhik

The MPBA GB A/B team at MODEL YACHT CLUB – PAZARDZHIK for the European Championships. Day 1 – 3 intrepid MPBA members made their way to Pazardzhik to test themselves against Europes best – Norman Lara, Peter Dirs and Stephen Poyser. Heere’s some good background info from On The Wire on the sort of speeds medallists will need to achieve. […]

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Egletons Guide

We’ve put together this short tongue-in-cheek guide to help out our members who are visiting the iMBRA World Championships either as competitors or spectators. Why should I go? You will get to see and meet the top racers in the world battle it out for the title of World Champion. You will be able to eat snails and frogs legs, […]

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Elmbridge Multi NDC Round 6

As the country basked in the mini-heatwave, the MPBA 2018 Endurance National Drivers Championship was hotting up at Elmbridge. This was the last race before the iMBRA World Championships in France, so some racers had elected to save their boats whilst others were making some final adjustments and tests. Although there were a few last-minute withdrawals, the overall numbers were […]

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